About Me

I’ve been licensed as a clinical psychologist (PsyD) in San Francisco since 2016, offering psychotherapy to adults, as well as therapeutic assessment, a powerful confluence of psychological testing and therapeutic intervention. 

My training at the Wright Institute in Berkeley included three years in county hospitals, working with medically ill as well as psychiatrically hospitalized people. I specialized in neuropsychological assessment – evaluating and helping people with brain injuries, neurological disorders, severe mental illness, etc. using standardized performance tests.

I also teach and supervise postdoctoral students in therapy and assessment at the California Pacific Medical Center Health Psychology Fellowship, as Director of assessment and the neuro-gastroenterology rotation. I also supervise assessment at the Wright Institute Assessment Clinic. 

My practice (and personality) is informed by 20+ years of meditation in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. For many years before the pandemic I taught meditation in a county jail. With a colleague, I also designed and a taught an 8-week intensive mindfulness meditation class called Essential Mindfulness Training, open to the public. 

Something more personal: When I first came to clinical psychology, after a few other lines of work, it was an instant fit. Since then, I can't imagine doing anything else. I have the profound privilege of using my whole self heart, intellect, values, life experience to offer help to my fellow human beings when they most need it.